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Mr. Rickey McCullough is the Associate Ombudsman for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. He has over 35 years of service in the banking industry as a federal regulator with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), serving within the FDIC’s Office of the Ombudsman for over 18 years.

Mr. McCullough began his FDIC career in the Division of Resolutions and Receiverships where he has served in various leadership roles including, Managing Liquidator, Supervisory Liquidation Specialist, and as a Managing Agent for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) during the S&L crisis where he was assigned to run the operations of a $200 million financial institution. As the FDIC’s Associate Ombudsman and designated neutral, he acts as a change agent to identify trends, issues and concerns about agency policies and procedures that affect the banking industry. He works to assist bankers, depositors of insured financial institutions and the public when affected by the FDIC in its regulatory, resolution, receivership or asset disposition activities.

In his role as Associate Ombudsman, he has served as the Office of the Ombudman’s lead representative at numerous bank failures. He is charged with handling public confidence issues and serves as the FDIC’s on-site media representative on some of the agency’s most high-profile closings, such as the Keystone National Bank (Keystone, WV), IndyMac Bank (Pasadena, CA), Washington Mutual Bank (Seattle, WA), and Heritage Community Bank (Chicago, IL), which was featured in a March 2009 segment on 60 Minutes to highlight how the FDIC resolves a troubled bank.

Mr. McCullough received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from North Carolina Central University (NCCU). He serves as a Deacon at his church and is a member of the core leadership team for the Men’s Ministry at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Landover, MD. He also serves as Financial Secretary for the Metro DC Alumni Charter of NCCU.

A native of Charlotte, NC, he is married and has a daughter and two sons. He enjoys motorcycle riding, horticulture and collecting old paper US currency.