Educating & Empowering Women & Youth
through Entrepreneurship for the Marketplace


Our Board Members

Chairman of the Board, CEO & KIEDC Founder
Metashar Dillon

KIEDC Founder

Mrs. Metashar Bankhead Dillon is the epitome of a brilliant, yet humble, 4th generation entrepreneur with an extraordinary sense of social responsibility. In business since the age of 18, she is the Owner and Operator of Executive Touch Spa and Salon, in Farmington, Connecticut, USA, and is co-owner of California Hair Designs, in Hamden, Connecticut, USA. She is Chairman of the Board and President of Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation (KIEDC,, a Non-profit Foundation that brings forth hope and builds on a commitment to deliver socio-economic change to benefit all of humanity

Prior to establishing KIEDC, she was the founder and Executive Director of the Miss Black Connecticut Scholarship Pageant, a program which has given out numerous scholarship awards to young women to pursue higher education since 1989. Since the year 2000, she has been holding statewide food and resource rallies to help people in Connecticut, nationally and abroad. She has received many awards from government officials throughout her lifetime, and in 2009, she was awarded the Community Action Award from the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. In 2010, KIEDC kicked off the “Boomin” event in Bushnell Park in Hartford, Connecticut. This event featured free and informational services for the people of Connecticut, ranging from food, clothing, medical services, and bank mortgage assistance to assist families during the great mortgage foreclosure crisis. In 2011, she organized a program offering free hair grooming services to the community, “Haircuts & Styles for Jobs,” to help jobless individuals hurting because of the economic hit to Connecticut. Also during 2011, she was awarded the Connie Wilson Collins Award from the NAACP, and was voted as one of the top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Connecticut.

She is known nationally and internationally for her divine insights and expertise in the area of market place economics and entrepreneurship. She speaks regularly across the nation and the world, transforming and empowering people to bring change to nations in the area of business, leaving legacies that will last and that will benefit all of humanity.

She is the published author of two books: “The Power of Vision and The Reflection of your Future” and “Good Success Visions and Legacies that Last.” She has attended several educational institutions and training programs, such as the Broadcasting School of Connecticut, the Los Angeles Trade and Technical Institute, the Contemporary School of Beauty, the Economic Development Leadership and Training, Training for the Cultivation of Women, Bank Boston/Gateway, and the University of Hartford Women’s College Business Entrepreneurial and Technical programs.

She has visited many nations and countries, serving in the capacity of humanitarian, renowned public speaker, and great community activist. Besides her amazing talent for mobilizing communities into action, her most valuable strength is being gifted by God to have divine insight. Using these talents and abilities, she assists community leaders around the nation, and indeed around the world, in developing a sound road map with shovel-ready projects that will help entire communities and nations prosper.

She is also a life-coach and mentor, providing on-site, one-on-one training lessons for individuals, groups, or corporate businesses. She has counseled many leaders, entrepreneurs, and gold medalist professionals in every capacity, in addition to just ordinary people, on how to make a new start, how to expand, and grow their businesses and families into the realm of prosperity. Taking her interests in the success of families to the next level, she also coaches women to help prepare them for the adoption of children. Her God given insights and expertise promote excellence whether in business or in family life.

The desire of Metashar’s heart is for individuals as well as families of nations to be empowered in the area of market place economics and business, leaving legacies on the earth that will last and last. She encourages them to rethink their current state of being to bring about a positive change for all of humanity—starting them on the road to “Good Success.”