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Luther R. Manus, Jr.

Luther R. Manus, Jr. was born on October 10, 1927 in Erie, Pennsylvania. He lost his mother at an early, and he had several brothers and sisters to support. Life was hard in those years, but the family survived. He was forced to drop out of school in the eighth grade, and he worked various jobs to help support the family.

Luther was drafted in 1946 and served in the Army until 1949. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Gannon College in 1953. During that time, he had four children, Carlton Manus, Denice Manus, Cynthia Manus, Stephanie Manus, and Dr. Sandie Manus Fields.

With the Bachelor's degree in hand, he re-entered the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was challenged with many assignments and responsibilities from 1953-1955. During that time, he lost his officer’s commission and was reduced to Sergeant 1st Class, but he remained determined. He eventually regained the rank and respect he knew he deserved. On September 28, 1961 he was reassigned to Verona, Italy in the transportation division. The entire family joined him on this assignment which ended in February 1965. This assignment brought a new learning experience, but he met the challenges head-on, being awarded many commendations. It was during this trying time, by his actions, he taught his family the most important lesson - forgive those who trespass against you and be all you can be.

In 1967 and 1968, he served in Vietnam, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star. He returned to Erie and was principal instructor for the Gannon College ROTC Program from 1968 to 1971. He retired from the Army as a 1st Lieutenant after 23 years of dedicated service. After retiring from the Army, he completed his Master's Degree in counseling and worked as a counselor for the Erie School District in February 1971. He helped to motivate students to further their education and was instrumental securing scholarship funds on their behalf.

After 18 years with the School District, he retired in 1989. In 2000, he was recognized as an auxiliary member of the original Buffalo Soldiers 92nd Division. It was during this time period that he found love again and married the love of his life, Constance Boone, in Las Vegas in 2000. Together the pair are tireless workers, helping his daughters take over and maintain the family Sunoco business. Mr. Manus continues to contribute his time and expertise to the community by helping young people to secure scholarships to pursue higher education and technical training.

The numerous acknowledgements, accolades, and awards that he has received over the many decades of his life on this earth pale to the single, greatest, most life-changing accomplishment - earning the love and respect of his family, friends and the community in which he lives. Luther R. Manus, Jr. has certainly left his mark on this world- for he is one to be cherished and remembered by all who know him.